Rare Media China

Founded in 2001, Rare Media is one of China’s leading documentary content suppliers. The firm's diverse catalogue features more than 2,000 hours of documentary programming, and over 20,000 hours of raw footage. Moreover, Rare Media produces in average 70 minutes of new content per day. In 2011, we launched “Raredoc Time”, a 2.5h daily slot providing documentary programming to city-level TV broadcasters throughout China. Apart from our in-house production and international co-productions, we acquire over 300 hours of documentaries from overseas each year.

Ruifang Hua
Ruifang Hua
Head of European Business Development 

Ruifang Hua is Rare Media's representative in Europe, based in Paris. In charge of all aspects of international business development, including acquisitions, coproduction, and distribution.