Fuji Television Network, Inc Japan

Since its establishment in 1959, Fuji Television has maintained its position as the leading commercial broadcaster in the Japanese media industry. The content it creates and broadcast everyday enjoys the overwhelming support of a wide range of audiences. Fuji Television strives for noble and creative ideas for its content: news, infotainment and documentaries, sports, dramas, and variety programs. Regardless of the genre, its program tops the rating in any time slot. Today, Fuji Television has 27 affiliated networks in Japan and 12 oversea offices around the world. Furthermore, Fuji Television distributes original content via several mediums, including terrestrial and CS satellite channels. It is also active in transmissions via the internet and mobile phones. With the strategy of meeting the needs of times and viewers, Fuji Television is constantly working to make its top-notch content available to be enjoyed in any format.

Jun Cui
Jun Cui
International Department 

Born in China. After graduating from a university in Japan, Cui joined Fuji Television, the largest commercial broadcaster in Japan. At Fuji TV, Cui worked at the News department as a reporter and covered numerous national issues and news for 12 years. Cui took on a new position in the International Department last year. Since then she has been immersing herself in the field of co-production which she finds very exciting and rewarding. Blessed with many encounters with the industry┬éÄôs experts and professionals at the international documentary festivals and with her Chinese-language ability, Cui recently completed a documentary co-production with a Taiwanese partner. The program was aired just this past summer. She hopes to meet more new friends and continue working on more international co-production projects.