Umbrella Entertainment Pty Ltd Australia

Umbrella Entertainment has been in operation since 2001. With a catalogue of over 1,500 titles its a 100% Australian owned and operated distributor of filmed entertainment specializing in a range of content for theatrical, home entertainment, TV broadcasting and Video on Demand.

Richard Moore
Richard Moore
Theatrical Distribution Manager 

Theatrical Distribution Manager of Umbrella Entertainment

YES - Umbrella Entertainment has a theatrical deaprtment and we are always searching for new Australian titles . Currently we have a diverse selection of films on our 2014 slate including BABADOOK - recently at Sundance , WORDS AND PICTURES - Fred Schepisi's new film , THE LAST IMPRESARIO , the opening night film here in Adelaide, and the new Jim Mickle film called COLD IN JULY.

Umbrella invests at concept and script stage and is keen to talk if you believe you have a suitable project .

Richard Moore , ex Melbourne and Brisbane film festival director,ex producer and director of various documentaries is now running the Umbrella Theatrical department